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Tlhabollo Consulting understands the challenges, which businesses have in generating accurate information and data management. Accurate information and easy to use reporting tools, make life in the work place far easier and help you to make well informed decisions. Tlhabollo Consulting uses business intelligence tools to manage data from any financial information management or operations management system, we also create and write reports for you so that you can easily run reports at a click of a button that will give you the valuable information you need out of your system.

Data management and reporting is important because :
It helps you manage the profitability and sustainability of your business and projects;
It helps you to make well informed decisions and planning;
It helps you ensure that you factor in the right information when planning strategies.


Application development allows us to provide you with development solutions across multiple technology platforms that are focused on solving, automating, or improving their business problems.

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This is where we analyse your data and produce accurate and easily understandable reporting. We are more than just a technology vendor, we are your trusted partner.

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As a trusted partner to our customers in the management of data and improvement of quality reporting, we will analyse; clean up; compile; and report accurately to ensure that you always know the facts in black and white. This minimizes risk to you our valued client.
We deliver world class solutions.

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Check out our new range of ready to use products,Get your BEE Scorecard System,E-filling System , Leave Management System and Commercial Sites Websites at a low price
We deliver world class solutions.

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BEE Scorecard System,The app is an essential South Africa’s first B-BBEE Calculator App for all Smart phones, Tablets and Computers.
The app is an essential tool for any business needing to understand its B-BBEE score and provide regular reports which can be used to manage B-BBEE interventions.

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Let's face it; everyone hates office admin. Not doing it, or doing it wrong costs your business money. Frankly even doing it right, costs you money!
With all the paper, printing, faxing, inefficiency, "mistakes" and just plan abuse of leave & policy... it's no wonder,.

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Electronic filing A computer-based system for the storage, cataloguing, and retrieval of documents.
It is central to the success of a comprehensive office automation system in that it provides the basic object management required to create, manipulate, and delete “office objects”, which may be letters, complex reports, charts, graphs, or any other information that may be stored in a computer system.



When it comes to how to advertise business in the physical world, and how to advertise your website in the digital world, there is one common solution : TCS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE.
We develop a web that best describes your business and show how best people or companies in need of your services can reach you. The best source of keywords can come from your own website.

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